Asset Management


GBG combines their expertise/resources/clients, with strategic investment partners’ capabilities, to deliver a synergy of value – for the occupiers, local governments and LPs. Asset Management services include the following:

  • Identify industrial land that is suitable for major global clients
  • Partner with major investment/development partners: capable of investing in / delivering significant grade A institutional quality industrial property
  • Design/development advisory, to ensure the evolving needs and preferences of major corporate industrial occupiers are addressed
  • Comprehensive marketing pre/post completion, to drive leasing / investment / sales achievement
  • Maintain ongoing smooth and effective government relations, coordination and support between governments and clients
  • Support property / facility management to ensure clients are satisfied, continue to renew leasing and expand operations, without disruption or cause for concern
  • Provide additional support services to enhance value of location: supply chain consultancy and logistics services, introductions to suppliers and clients, financing, marketing, etc.
  • Continually assess property for upgrade/value-add potential, to maximise utlilsation, sustainability, and efficiency of the property (and underlying land)